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Bingo Lingo, a company that cares!
Bingo Lingo LLC specializes in printing Bingo Programs for charity Bingo Fundraisers. We work with High Schools, Elks Lodges, VFWs, Moose Lodges, American Legions, Senior Centers and various Churches & Temples.

Each year we donate over $100,000 in printing costs and donations to the organizations we work with and we have helped to raise thousands of dollars for these charities since we started in 1998. Bingo Lingo is able to do all of this while providing local business owners (Sponsors) with cost effective advertising opportunities within their local community.  

We provide our Sponsors and Bingo Halls with the highest quality product and service of any bingo program publisher in the nation. We print on high quality paper and provide free ad design services. 

We have partnered with the charity organizations we support to offer incentives to players to patronize the Sponsors. When players show up at Bingo with a Receipt or Business Card with Bingo written on it, from a Sponsor, they are rewarded with either a FREE Game, FREE Pack or qualify for other Bingo Lingo LLC promotions.  

Bingo Lingo LLC has changed management in February 2002 when the original owners retired after building a solid business legacy and foundation. Under the new Management, headed by Paul Appel (CEO) plans are to expand and utilize social media and internet driven promotions, advertisements and specials. Paul and his wife Elaine have been involved with charities for over 25 years with close connection to the United Way. Purchasing this business was their way to stay involved with charitable organizations that work closely with disabled children, wounded warriors and veterans, plus drug awareness and programs for seniors.  

Bingo Lingo Legacy will live forever from the foundation Kimberly and Sece Foster built.

Management Team

Paul Appel
President CEO
Email:  paul@bingolingo.org
Direct:  949-759-1633

Elaine Appel
Email:  elaine@bingolingo.org
Direct:  949-678-4624

Margo Burgess
Sales Manager
Email:  margo@bingolingo.org
Direct:  949-494-3829

Khrystalie Le
Marketing Director & Executive Assistant
Email:  khrystalie@bingolingo.org
Direct:  626-377-1603

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